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In Sherlock she was the dominatrix that brought a nation to its knees. A far cry from the Adler of canon, but with the same essence of adventure and mischief. Lara Pulver’s Irene turned heads and caused controversy, and we feel that’s just what Adler of the canon would have wanted. Lara Pulver chats with Curly, Lyndsay, Maria, and Jenn about her turn as The Woman. We geek out about McQueen and  sexual identity, and reveal the secret to beating Benedict Cumberbatch at word games.

Lyndsay & Curly do a brief introduction which has Star Trek casting spoilers for Benedict, so if you want to avoid that, skip to 10 minutes in.

A full transcript of this episode is [HERE]

Make sure you watch Sherlock on PBS Masterpiece: And follow along with our live tweets during the show! Next up is The Hounds of Baskerville!

You can follow Lara on twitter at @larapulver

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Sherlockian Freeze in Trafalgar Square // For Save Undershaw

On April 21st we, in partnership with anotherbohemiansoul hosted a meet up in support of Save Undershaw (, which has been trying to save the former home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of the Sherlock Holmes stories and much more.

The idea was a flash mob freeze. Around 70 of us gathered onto the National Gallery terrace at 2PM, some holding signs, others in full Sherlockian gear (Victorian & modern alike!), and then froze for five minutes.

Tourists and locals alike took notice, were confused, and then were enlightened. It was an amazing.

Many of these photographs were taken by Anastasia Mishchenko, a freelance journalist who has graciously allowed us to use them. There are SO MANY photos.

See the rest of the photos (AND MORE) at our flickr account: [HERE]

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