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AOAD (sort of): Clothing addition.


So, I’m at work (again - what is this nonsense? Actually at a job - why can’t I be a consulting fashion blogger or something? And work from home in a silk dressing gown like this one). (Well, okay, that one is polyester, but looooooook at how loungey!)

ANYWAY, the rest of the make-up tutorial is going to have to wait, but in the meantime, here are some clothing ideas inspired by The Woman herself.

Allllllll of these things are on my wishlist so if you happen to have some extra cash lying around, you can always buy me clothes.

1. My Sweet Lace Dress by Tulle $67.99

2. Pastel Palette Pumps in Peach $44.99 (I’m a size 8, if you were wondering.)

3. Autumn Wind Linen Jacket $56.99

Some purses:

1. Dixie Heart Top Handle Purse by Melie Bianco $99.99. This one is my favorite. Of course, it is also the most expensive.

2.Rococo Fold Over Clutch in Sage $29.99

3. Adelphia Taupe Clutch $36.99

4.Winston Classic Mustard Purse $42.99. This one is a close second in terms of my favorite. I love things in mustard.

And my favorite part, accessories!

1. Sweet Mystery Veiled Headband $28.99 (Mystery!)

2. Pearlescent Hope Earrings by Anne Koplik $32.99

3. Gilded Honor Bangle Set in Silver $15.99 

4. Roses in the Dark Belt in Gray $14.99 (How great are the names of these accessories?)

5. Rosanella Earrings in Magenta $15.99 

6.Evening Dewdrops Necklace $16.99

7.Monte Carlo Double Wrap Watch by Tokyo Bay $79.99

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Sorry, Rachel McAdams.


You’re lovely, and beautiful, and The Notebook makes me cry every. single. time. And it makes even my shrivelled, cynical little heart think that maybe, just maybe, love stories still exist, if, ya know, the guy happens to look like Ryan Gosling, or something, I suppose (and even if they are written by Nicholas Sparks).


This is Irene Adler.

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