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Anonymous asked: I wouldn't say Moffat is sexist 100% of the time every time. He does really well for a male writer. However when he gets to a really strong emotion for a female character, he sometimes trips up and falls flat on his face (Amy has some inauthenticity). Also, in the Sherlock Holmes series, Adler bests Holmes. Moffat denied Irene that moment in ASiB. He made her subordinate to the Holmes brothers when the point of her character is she's Sherlock's equal, maybe better than equal, despite being femal

With Irene and Sherlock, it was seemingly just a battle of the wits. But was that it? Just a battle of wits? Sherlock stuck to the unfeeling side; he truly showed that he would not let his heart rule his head.

Irene may have lost that game, yes, but I think Sherlock envies Irene, especially at the end of Scandal.

He obviously admires her and respects her intellect, but there’s something deeper there. I think it’s because she did beat him in the grand scheme of things. She has that ability to smother her intellect and let her heart take control, whereas Sherlock can’t.

So who is the real winner/loser?

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