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UPDATE: Sherlock Fandom I’ve made a discovery (The Golden Egg)


I was watching Sherlock again, paying attention to everything, trying to figure out how he’s still alive and I ran across this:


Look at his email address… he’s got an actual website, so I went and checked it out and to my surprise I see this:


Look what it says: “brook is innocent”, Check for yourself here

Moffat&Gatiss you are two crazy bastards. Nicely played!

I tried the email too, and I didn’t get a mail daemon- will see what happens :)

I actually got an email reply- HERE IT IS:

“Hullo there!

Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, I will be out of town and without access to email for an unknown period of time. For all urgent requests, please contact journalist Kitty Riley, and she will be able to direct your message. Otherwise, please feel free to reply with more details and I’ll be sure to respond when I return!
Thanks from your favourite storyteller,

Richard Brook”

Now- where does one find Kitty Riley’s contact information? I know she gave Sherlock her card but they don’t show that to us….

So damn clever. Jesus, they go deep.

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