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Wow, that pigeon from The Blind Banker is even cooler than I thought. And I already thought it was pretty cool.

…and this is the lowest point that the fandom has reached thus far.

And I thought Anderlock was ultimate line… Now there is this pigeon. But what is his pairing? I’ll tell you. Mrs.Hudson I bet she feeds him every morning.

It’s times like this at which my URL is the most relevent.

.. And to think, we still have another year and a half of this. 

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A Ship Worth Fighting For


Alright, so I wrote my second Shrock song! My first can be found here. Again, to Mulan. What can I say? I guess I’m on a Disney kick!

“A Ship Worth Writing For” (to the tune of “A Girl Worth Fighting For”)

For a long time we’ve been waiting for next season. 
Though we know Mofftiss says there is a good reason!
Unlike corpses at Bart’s, our aching hearts aren’t easy to ignore!
Hey! Think of instead, a ship worth writing for!
That’s what I said! A ship worth writing for!

I ship an ex- army doctor with a rude consulting detective!
I’m a multi-shipper, ship it all, not really that selective!
I couldn’t care less what you ship, the pairings you like!
For me it’s about what the crack’s like: cake, jam, umbrellas, dinosaurs…

Mycroft Holmes and Gregory Lestrade are lovers!
But they haven’t even met yet…
We just have to write and read fanfic while Sherlock’s off the air!
What do we want?
A ship worth writing for!

Mormor is my one true pairing!
It’s simply criminal!
Uh…how ‘bout something that’s not gay?

But then again the way Greg’s jaw dropped at Molly’s feet…
I’d totally ship them - they’re so sweet!

The Sherlock fandom’s unlike any other!
We’re forced to wait for what seems like forever!
But when the time comes and Sherlock airs, we’ll watch and write some more!

What do we want?
A ship worth writing for!
Wish that I had!
A ship worth writing for!
A ship worth writing for!

Sung by myself, Lestrudel, Jam, and Alex! Crazy hand waving in a way that might be considered conducting if you squint really hard provided by Jenny!

Download here if you so wish!

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