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Anonymous asked: seriously, molly hooper would be an AWFUL companion for the doctor. i love her, but that would never ever work. BUT (and yes, I'm serious about this and if it ever happened i would completely freak out from joy and fan-ish delight): louise brealey would be an amazing 12th doctor, i think she could outact even matt smith's quirkiness and i'm saying that even though matt smith is always going to be my doctor.

It’s all right… Everyone’s entitled to opinions, of course.

But in my defense, the reasons I think Molly would be good as a companion:

  • She is loyal
  • She is intelligent
  • She is timid and shy, but she is incredibly brave
  • She is forgiving
  • She takes apart bodies for a living (/badass)
  • She listens and notices things that others don’t (i.e. Sherlock looking sad whenever he thinks no one can see him)
  • She cares about people as much as the doctor does

Yeah, she’s quirky and shy, but I think she’d be a fantastic companion because she would be able to break free of her timidness and insecurities by traveling across time and space with the doctor. 

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glamscully asked: I think that people confuse being a progressive character with being a strong character... A strong character doesn't have to be progressive, and a progressive character isn't necessarily strong. I dunno, just my two cents.

To put Molly’s progressiveness into perspective, then: she broke up with Jim, and she finally called Sherlock out on his shit, even when the others who had the observational skills to notice didn’t. Even when Sherlock attempted to blow her off by telling her she shouldn’t try to make small talk. She is going to have to lie to John’s face and not tell him that Sherlock is alive until he comes back, and she will have to watch John mourn his best friend for a long while.

I personally think Molly is an extraordinarily strong character, regardless of what others may claim.

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Louise Brealey, who plays Molly Hooper on BBC’s Sherlock, was at Collectormania Milton Keynes on a VERY cold Sunday in early June. Without too much of a plan, Babes Curly, Maria, Ardy, and Joanne drove up and nabbed an interview with the incredibly funny and charming actress. Dancing around the stadium in attempts to keep warm, they wandered the stalls, met fans, and danced with Storm Troopers. After a quick interview with a Scottish Darth Vader, they were able to sit down with Louise and chat Sherlock and matching tape recorders. It’s delightful.

And yeah, isn’t that a photo full of awkward win?

Oh my god. That picture is my favourite thing of all time.

Jealousy doesn’t even begin to describe it!

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