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AU: In which, John finds a man named Benedict who bears a surprising resemblance to Sherlock and in Sherlock’s absence (Post-Reichenbach), John begins to fall in love again.


Ugh, what’s the matter with me? You’d think a guy would learn.


If there’s a prize for rotten judgement,

I guess I’ve already won that.


No man is worth the aggravation…


That ancient history.

Been there. Done that.




Lestrade: Who’d’ya think you’re kiddin’?

Molly: He’s the Earth and heaven to you.

Mrs. Hudson: Try to keep it hidden. Honey, we can see right through you.

Mycroft: Girl, ya can’t conceal it.

Irene: We know how ya feel 

and who you’re thinking of…




No chance, no way! I won’t say it, no, no.

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The Air I Would Kill to Breathe — Sherlock/Watson [BBC] by the-improbable-truth (aka. puramuu

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Sorry it’s so short. I got lazy.

Storyline: Watson is moving out after Sherlock’s “death” (as he does in the books) and he thinks back on all the times they’ve had together.

“Breathe Again” - Sara Bareilles 

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