Sherlock BBC

  1. 83sparrows answered: why don’t you make a personal tumblr/channel for that sort of thing? just want me some sherlock gifs over here
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  4. billybaecyrus answered: YES ME YES
  5. bonesandsugarcubes answered: I certainly would!
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    yes. inbox me a link or something
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  11. djc3791 answered: I’d be interested in watching, but you should be wary, the woman behind feminist frequency gets a FUCKTON of hate
  12. hectordixon said: Yes I’d love to see this happen! I’d definitely watch!!
  13. animeartistnerdgirl answered: i would
  14. cumbernerd answered: I would.
  15. toomanyfandomstoolittletime answered: For sure. I know a tone of people who would.
  16. zafarooni answered: meeeeee
  17. almightytreeman answered: It’d be very interesting to see. I’d watch it.
  18. botanys answered: YES I WOULD LOVE TO WATCH THAT