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Episode 20: Joe Lidster & Blogging Sherlock

Joe Lidster is the talent behind BBC Sherlock’s blogs (John Watson’s Blog, The Science of Deduction, Molly Hooper’s Blog, & The Connie Prince website). With a fabulous writing repertoire including Doctor Who & Torchwood, it’s no wonder he is a BBC fav. Babes Curly & Marie (plus Curly’s snarky flatmate/BSB Science guru Stephen) got to sit down with Joe after hearing his great talk at BAFTAGames’ Transmedia Meetup.

It’s a brilliant episode and loads of fun. We chat with him about our love for Molly Hooper, how he got into Sherlock Holmes, jellyfish, viagra, getting into character, and generally a lot of gushing about Sherlock. We talk a bit about the #BELIEVEINSHERLOCK campaign as well. Warning, there are spoilers for Sherlock Series 2.

You can follow Joe on twitter at @joelidster , he loves getting new followers haha, though apologizes if he only talks about lunch and going to the pub.

The event was hosted by @BAFTAGames, and the folks there are amazing. Seriously, if you’re in London, you need to follow them on twitter. They have tons of free events and talks.

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    :) Great to see Joseph Lidster getting some love.
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    — for the heads up. Joe Lidster is really funny. Do give it a listen.
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