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How to install/use Stealthy (for Google Chrome and Firefox):

This is the third (and I think the most effective) method of viewing the iPlayer from outside of the UK. All it requires is Google Chrome or Firefox.


I’m trying my hardest to figure out a way around it, but I’m having little luck. If you have any sort of fix to it, please message me.

We’ll start with Google Chrome:

  1. Go here to get to the installation page.
  2. Press the “+ ADD TO CHROME” button in the upper right hand corner:
  3. Press install when asked if you want to.
  4. It will quickly install itself. Then this page will be opened:
  5. THIS PART IS IMPORTANT. Check the third bubble under the “Select the kind of use” section (Custom). TYPE IN UNITED KINGDOM:
  6. Scroll down and press SAVE.
  7. Close out of the options page. (That is only if you want, because quite honestly, I don’t care if you want to stay there or not. I’m not your mom.)
  8. Press the little red thingy up in the right hand corner of the browser. Doing so will turn on Stealthy:
    Once it’s enabled and ready, it will turn green. (How cute!)
  9. Go do your awesome sneaking through BBC iPlayer (or whatever blocked sites you’re attempting to fight your way into.)
  10. Also, if it doesn’t work the first time, go to the wrench control button next to the Stealthy logo, go down to Tools and over to Extensions. Open the options for Stealthy, and make sure that it says United Kingdom where it’s supposed to. For some reason, I always have to go back and do it again.

Now we will move on to Firefox!

  1. Go here to get to the Stealthy add-on for Firefox
  2. Press the green “+ Add to Firefox” button:
  3. Press Install Now, and then restart the browser when prompted to do so.
  4. Click the tiny draw-down arrow next to the little red Stealthy icon in the upper right hand corner and choose the “configure” option:
  5. Press the third bubble under “Select the kind of use:” thingy. Type in GB:
  6. Press OK when you’re finished.
  7. Enable Stealthy by pressing the little red icon. When it’s enabled, it will turn green.
  8. Try it out by going to iPlayer and attempting to watch something. If it doesn’t work the first time around, go to the customize option again and type in “GB” again under “Enter the code for the country…” thing.

If you have any other specific questions, just message me.

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