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Peculiar Times, Peculiar Measures: ( (AO3When Sherlock suddenly becomes “famous,” the press refuses to leave Sherlock and John alone. Sherlock decides to finally answer one of the journalists’ questions in an incredibly unexpected manner. Oneshot.

Denial and Acceptance: ( (AO3Spoilers for Reinchenbach. Three years passed by; three years of the the unrealistic optimism of John Watson. He grew to accept it, just before he found out the truth. One-shot. (1,143 words)

4 Times Sherlock Kissed John For Science: ( (AO3After Sherlock reads an article on the benefits of kissing, he convinces John to take place in a few snogging sessions… for science! Lots of medical lingo. (5,442 words)

Untouchable: ( (AO3) Sherlock bets John that he can talk him into a climax without any sort of physical stimulus. John accepts the challenge. Established relationship. Slash. One-shot. (2,139 words)

For a Case: ( (AO3)Sherlock convinces John to come to a gay bar with him to get information for a murder case. When Sherlock begins getting a bit too friendly with one possible witness, John intervenes. Jealous!John. Sherlock/John (2,797 words)

A Study in Pubgoers: ( (AO3)Sherlock is educating John in how to analyze people and their motives at a local pub. One regretted question on John’s part may lead Sherlock to figure out a bit of information that the doctor had intended to keep to himself. John/Sherlock. Pre-slash. (3,566 words)

The Unblogged Post: ( (AO3Study in Pink spoilers. Sherlock has been curious for quite a while as to what resides within a password-locked folder on John’s laptop. One day, he decides to find out…. with a very surprising outcome. John/Sherlock. One-shot. (2,135 words)

The Scarf: ( (AO3) Sherlock was nearly strangled to death while at Soo Lin’s flat. When, on an occasion a couple of days later, he takes off his scarf, John notices the bruises. Injured!Sherlock. Doctor!John. John/Sherlock. (1,390 words)

Distraction: ( (AO3Sherlock is not happy; he is missing a huge piece of the puzzle of his current case, and it is not going over well at 221B Baker Street. John tries to distract Sherlock with a movie in order to get some peace for one night. Sherlock/John. (2,677 words)

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